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Why sponsor Freewhirled?  Because online advertising is the fastest growing, most effective way to maximize your advertising dollars.  Freewhirled's sponsorship rates are extremely low compared to other forms of advertising such as newspaper or television and our sponsorship options offer a lot of exposure for what you pay.  Freewhirled.com also accepts merchandise trades in exchange for sponsorships in most cases.  If your business's advertising budget is small, we will work with you in every way we can.


Bill Keller, the New York Times Executive Editor made the following comment in an interview:  "The World Wide Web audience is growing at a great clip, while print circulation is not.  And online revenues are growing faster...  If the trend continues, there's little doubt that eventually online becomes the main business."


Freewhirled is an environmentally and socially conscious, community oriented web site and wishes to attract similar values in the companies who sponsor us.  5% of your sponsorship dollars after overhead goes to the environmental or social organization chosen by the Freewhirled community.    Freewhirled.com  Bring the Creative Community Together!














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