About Us

Freewhirled.com is the community gathering, social networking site for all creative, conscious, open, fun loving people.  Whether you’re a musician, artist, hippy, LGBT, treehugger, funk-ster, singer-songwriter, seeker, flower child, festival lover, revolutionary, bohemian, burner, deadhead, activist, pagan, geek, freak, dance to the beat of your own drum or make drums for others to dance to the beat of, you've come to the right place! 

Freewhirled offers a place for musicians, artists and all creative people to sell their work for free! Bands, musicians and singer/songwriters can upload and sell their music free of charge as well as have chances to win 10 hours of professional studio recording time and up to 100 professional quality CD's in semi-annual song contests decided by Freewhirled members! Artists and crafts people can upload and share thier work in our Art Gallery as well as enter their work for a chance to win cash prizes and art showings at galleries in their communities in contests judged by freewhirled members!

Our music events calendar has updated info on practically every show, concert and music festival coming up on the west coast.  We also have a full west coast festival guide that offers expert tips on how to properly prepare for each festival and create or join a camp and make new festival friends!  We'll help get you ready for festival season and keep you connected with all the live shows and entertainment going on in your area and beyond!

Our dating venue has a little something for everyone!  Whether your straight, gay, bi-sexual, poly amorous or whatever floats your love boat, we offer a dating page that will help you find what you're looking for.  We offer a totally discreet and protected venue for you to meet and get aquainted with other members. Freewhirled.com will also be hosting "Date Nights" where members interested in making connections of any kind can meet, mingle and get to know each other in a locally owned location in your town.  

Freewhirled.com will be donating 5% of our sponsorship dollars after the bills have been paid, to the environmental, social cause and/or non-profit organization chosen quarterly by our members.  We also offer free sponsorships and advertising to community oriented, non-profit organizations!  Freewhirled aspires to work toward creating an on-line community that inspires its members to live ecstatically, creatively and cooperatively toward making this wonderfully whirled up world a better place! We support and only use locally owned businesses for everything we need, whether it be printing or programming. 

Freewhirled.com: where community and creativity come together!